The entrance door is very important for your house as it is the first thing that the guess sees and it actually gives the first impression of your house. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right entrance door. There are several types of entrance doors and we below you will find the most common of them.
VND Windows and Doors offer a high quality, hands-on personal door installation service to anyone who is looking to upgrade their exterior and interior doors.
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Our mission is to install the best quality entrance door systems in Canada. Our experts here at VND Windows and Doors will be happy to help explain current market trends to ensure you are making the right decision when ordering with us. Our goal is to provide customers with in-depth
understanding of our entrance doors along with a great experience. Our success results from current market know-how, hard work, and continuous commitment to the best interest of our customers. In today’s market conditions, it is important to work with a professional you can trust and rely on.

We are an Energy Star Certified company. An Energy Star certified company corresponds to strict energy performance standards and uses less energy, is less expensive to operate, and causes fewer greenhouse gas emissions. The ENERGY STAR® symbol goes one step further and identifies specific models that meet or exceed premium levels of energy efficiency. This certification is widely respected by consumers and is an indicator of superior energy-efficiency that reduces cost and is environmentally-friendly. Our principal benefits after having obtained Energy Star Certification is the brand recognition for energy efficiency among consumers.


There are three material choices for exterior doors: wood, steel and fiberglass. Steel and fiberglass is a popular choice and you can find a variety of marvelous designs that give character to your front entrance and your house in whole. It is good choice if you want to save energy. You should bear in mind, that wood doors are often expensive.

Steel and fiberglass exterior doors are also common. These products can be painted any color and often come with vinyl framed windows installed directly into the door. They are durable and secure. Steel or fiberglass doors are economical. They do come in a variety of designs, but most are simple and standard.


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