types of entrance doors
30 December 2018

The entrance door is very important for your house as it is the first thing that the guess sees and it actually gives the first impression of your house. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right entrance door.

There are several types of entrance doors and we below you will find the most common of them. If you want to see more options you can contact the local door manufacturers to see his catalogues or visit his store.

Steel Doors

If you want to choose really secure, really strong and really low maintenance, you can’t go past a steel door, which is alternatively known as a hollow metal door.  There is a significant choice of designs and colors in these doors but in comparison with other types of entrance doors they are definitely fewer.  One of the biggest benefits of steel entrance doors is their low cost.

Aluminum Doors

Another type of entrance door is the aluminum entrance door.  Aluminum door represents a frame with glass inside. It can also be an inner core that is covered by an aluminum “veneer” so to speak which is then finished as desired.  Aluminum entrance doors can be chosen in a range of colors and finishes. Besides they are incredibly low maintenance.

PVC Doors

PVC entrance doors look very classical and they suit most types of home.  They are environmentally friendly, have great insulation. They never rot, warp or fade.  The only thing that you probably would not like is that it has to be cleaned very often.